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Oyster Tavern
January 2020 May 27, 2020
This month’s pub is the Oyster Tavern, one of the oldest pubs in the heart of Cork City. The earliest record of the tavern can be dated back to 1792 and has changed hands many times throughout the years. In 1943 the tavern was upgraded and run as a first-class restaurant, and still offers up outstanding food today. Given its location just steps from the famous English Market, the tavern is able to serve the freshest meat, fish, and produce from the market’s many local vendors.

In the early hours of August 20, 1969 a fire broke out inside the tavern and it suffered great damage in the upper portion of the building. Because of a swift response from the Cork Fire Brigade the fire was contained and much of the building was saved from destruction. The damaged section was rebuilt to retain the same character and the Oyster Tavern was back in business within sixteen weeks. Thanks to the brave members of the fire brigade the Oyster Tavern can continue as a vital part of the Cork landscape for many more years to come.