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The Blue Light
September 2019 May 27, 2020

This month’s pub is the popular Blue Light, located halfway up to Three Rock Mountain in Barnacullia Dublin. The Blue Light is a 300+-year-old pub with stunning views overlooking Dublin City and the Irish Sea, and on a clear day, Wales. The history of the Blue Light is quite interesting – years ago there were high taxes on wine and brandy coming from France, England, and Spain so to get around this, smugglers would come into the coast at night. The clever locals in Barnacullia would shine a blue lantern from the pub indicating that the coast was clear, and the smugglers would bring the goods ashore. Some of the cargo would then travel up to the mountain pub to be enjoyed by the locals, so thus, the blue light signals that a party is about to start!

These days, the pub is no longer involved in smuggling, but the blue light still shines every night from the front of the bar. The pub hosts local musicians seven nights a week and has seen many famous guests including Sinead O’Connor, Elvis Costello, and Lady Gaga. U2 are neighbors and once gifted the pub a new piano! The Blue Light also popular with motorcyclists who use the pub as a meeting point to discuss all things motorcycle. Whether you ride there on a motorbike, drive in a car or hike up the mountain, the Blue Light is a must for any visit to Dublin – and if you don’t feel like going back down that’s ok! The owners have converted the upstairs to an Airbnb so you can enjoy the views all night long!