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The Duke
June 2017 May 27, 2020

The Duke, which takes its name from the little street named after the 2nd Duke of Grafton, has been providing liquid refreshment and sustenance to the people of Dublin since 1822. Dripping in history and character, the pub is renowned for providing patrons with a place of quiet respite to enjoy a peaceful drink or some heart warming food throughout the day. Because of its central location in the pulse of the city center, The Duke has enjoyed a distinguished association with many of Ireland’s literary greats. James Stephens, James Joyce, Oliver St. John Gogarty and Arthur Griffith breezed into The Duke regularly in the early days of the century when they wanted a quiet reflective drink. You can now walk in their footsteps, as the Duke is the starting point for the world famous Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Tom Gilligan is 12th in a line of owners who have all taken great pride in preserving the history and culture of this charming Victorian pub. Today, just as Dubliners have for done for almost 200 years, you can stop in for a friendly pint served up with a slice of history.