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Beár An Ráille

Beár An Ráille



September’s featured pub is Beár An Ráille (a rough Irish translation of "The Railway Bar") located by the train station in Roscommon Town, County Roscommon. Owned by brothers Dale and Dermot Kiernan Beár An Ráille feels like home, but somehow better. The pub is a local hangout for people of all walks of life – inside you’ll find local punters, wide eyed tourists and state solicitors all sitting and mixing together. Everyone gets the same treatment- a warm and friendly welcome and, if they think you're up for it, a bit of slagging (teasing).

Beár An Ráille’s inviting red and yellow exterior leads to a cozy traditional interior complete with wood floors and ceilings, a warm wood stove, and plenty of character. The pub is a relaxed spot for watching local sporting events, catching live music or playing a round of pool with friends. They have also become known for their annual fundraisers for Blood Bikes West – a volunteer run organization that delivers essential blood and urgent medical supplies via motorcycle throughout the West of Ireland.