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Spillane's Bar

Spillane's Bar



Spillanes Bar is located on the Maharees, a little sand-spit jutting out into Brandon Bay on the north side of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. The local parish is known as Castle Gregory.

Spillane’s was built in 1875 by Tom Spillane and had its roots as a local bar/general store. It is now a hive of activity during the busy tourist season in the Maharees. Spillane's started serving homemade burgers in 1975, graduating to a range of homemade salads in 1980, to now a comprehensive menu of quality home produced food at a reasonable price. The chargrilled sirloin and fillet steaks are legendary, as are the fresh from the Maharees pier crab claws. The staff has evolved over the years from extended family only, to family and neighbors, to now, family, neighbors and a selection of international visitors anxious to spend a season in the unique corner that is the Maharees. Apart from the busy summer tourist season, Spillane's is considered the home away from home for many people from all over the world, especially the windsurfing and surfing community. At Spillanes, Marilyn and Mike are like Mom and Dad. Cold, hungry, tired, wounded, beach people are warmed, fed, entertained and advised. Many of Spillane's regulars are families that have been coming on their holidays to the Castlegregory area for literally generations! It is both a thrill and a reward for the owners to see people that were minded in carrycots in the kitchen as babies returning now with their children and children’s children! Whomever you are, Spillanes extends an invitation to visit at any time, and be assured of a warm welcome. Please don’t hesitate to ask for Mike or Marilyn.