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The Parnell

The Parnell



This month’s pub is The Parnell Heritage Pub and Grill on the north side of Dublin City. The pub’s license dates back to the 1780’s, although the name has changed over the years. Throughout the 19th Century the pub was known as one of Dublin’s most stylish, elegant and opulent landmark bars, and has recently been restored to its former glory. Now, The Parnell is best known for it’s exciting atmosphere and lively events. Each week guests are entertained at the pub’s popular storytelling sessions where Irish mythology is brought to life with the help of talented musicians and storytellers.

History buffs can stop and enjoy a pint at the Parnell while learning about the pub’s namesake, Charles Stewart Parnell, one of Ireland’s most popular historic figures. Parnell was an Irish Nationalist and statesman who led the fight for Irish Home Rule in the 1880’s, and the pub honors his legacy with educational displays that tell the history of this great man. Charles Stewart Parnell was no stranger to the pub that would eventually carry his name. He was known to have drank at the premises, and his first and last public speeches were given just across the road at the Rotunda Ballroom.