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The Hideout


Nearly 25 years ago, Sinead Mulhall was working as a lounge girl at the Hideout Pub in North Dublin when she met, and eventually fell in love with her future partner Darren. The couple went on to other ventures over the years, and the pub eventually shut down in 2012. After hearing that their old stomping grounds had closed, Sinead and Darren decided to re-open the pub. After putting loads of hard work and sweat into refurbishments, the Hideout re-opened in 2017 to the delight of the community.

This hard to find pub lives up to its name as a gathering place for locals in a neighbourhood that can often become inundated with out-of-towners. Located in the shadow of the legendary Croke Park, headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association, the streets are full of sports fanatics on match days. If you find yourself out watching a game of hurling or Gaelic Football at Croke Park and need a bit of respite from the madness, we recommend you head to the Hideout.