How to Survive Your Next Pub Crawl

Summer is almost over, which means many people are packing up to move back to college for the year. August is a popular month for bar crawls and pub crawls as friends and roommates are reuniting after being apart for the summer. For those not in college anymore, pub crawls are still popular this time of year because the days are getting shorter, as are the number of days of warm weather remaining. As fun as pub crawls can be, there are inherent dangers to events like these that should be carefully considered.

What is a Pub Crawl?

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Just turned of legal drinking age and don’t know what a pub crawl is? Well, a pub crawl is essentially what it says, by the end of the night you will be crawling to your next pub. Groups of people travel from bar to bar, pub to pub, hitting as many as they can in a certain time whether it’s throughout the whole day or just the night. Pub crawls are popular among Greek life organizations and other student organizations on campus, as well as groups of old friends just looking to get together and drink. Whether you are a bar crawl veteran or adventuring out on your first one, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure your fun night does not turn bad.

5 Pub Crawl Safety Tips

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead includes everything to who is going, which bars you will be going to, how much time you will spend at each and how the group will travel. Nothing is more frustrating than being a part of an intoxicated group of people arguing about who is going where next and how they are getting there. To avoid the drama that comes with the uncertainty mixed with alcohol, it is crucial to have a plan. This also helps in case you lose a group member: you will be able to check where you last were, where you were scheduled for next as starting points if needed. Other things to consider in your planning include who is paying for transportation if you are using it and if anyone is serving as the designated group babysitter.

Pace Yourself

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself during these events and want to drink a lot, very quickly, but this can be very dangerous. You always don’t want to be that guy . Yeah, that guy that gets too drunk at the first bar and has to stop. Not only will you be miserable, your friends will be put in a hard place deciding what to do next. A pub crawl is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t Get Separated

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What’s worse than getting separated from a group of friends? Being separated from a group of friends when you are inebriated. Your friends don’t want to spend their night trying to chase you down just as you wouldn’t want to spend your night the same way. Pick a drinking buddy and stick with them throughout the night. Don’t leave a bar without each other and don’t let each other wander off. This applies to the whole group as well. The goal of a pub crawl is for the group to go to bars together, not all end up at different bars at the end of the night. Try to travel together, or migrate in two packs if one group is ready to leave and head to the next bar. The second group of people can mosey over after they finish their drinks and pay their tab.

Emergency Numbers

In the occasion you do get separated, are you going to know who to call? After bar 4 and you’ve had a few drinks, will you remember where your group is going if you get separated? It’s always a great idea to keep emergency contacts in your phone, especially for occasions like this. Put a special symbol, emoji or word next to a contact in your phone in case someone is helping you use your phone, they can help get to the right contact. Or, better yet, in permanent marker, write a friend’s phone number on your hand or arm so if you get lost and lose your phone, you have nothing to worry about. You may feel like a kid at the amusement park with your parents, but at least you’ll be able to call your friends if you get lost.

Dress Appropriately

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Dressing appropriately is what is going to keep you comfortable during your long day or night or bar hopping. No, you don’t need to dress in you Sunday best for a bar hop, but you should dress for the weather and the terrain. A pub crawl in the summer is fairly easy to dress for men can wear out their favorite pub
t-shirt and shorts, and ladies have the options of dresses, skirts, and shorts. Wearing heels, as good as they may look, can cause serious pain during a long day or night of walking, standing and drinking. If your bar crawl is in the winter, don’t ditch the coat and scarf. You may be spending a great deal of time inside at the bars and pubs, but the point of a pub crawl is to go from one to the next, and that requires being outside. Do not risk frostbite and hypothermia just to keep your outfit the way you want.

Pub crawls can be a lot of fun, but they can be difficult and possibly dangerous without the right precautions. The biggest thing to remember when drinking is always be safe about it. Whether it’s pacing yourself, not mixing liquor and beer, or never letting your drink out of your sight, these are all great precautions to ensure you have a safe night without minimal repercussions. Make plans, stick to them and stay with your group and you’re bound to have a great night of pub crawling.